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Opportunities for SPEAKERS

ArtShowBiz Miami assembles a line-up of top level speakers for its educational program.

If you are a speaker who wishes to participate, please send a proposal by email to Speaker@ArtShowBizMiami.com along with your high resolution picture and the following required information to be considered.

    - Name and last name
    - Business Address
    - Email
    - Phone Number
    - Company Name (if applicable)
    - Professional Title (if applicable)
    - Credentials (no more than 50 words)
    - Title of the proposed presentation (may propose up to 2)
    - A brief description of each (no more than 100 words) 

It is assumed that you have read and accept the guidelines for Speakers in Miami ArtShowBiz listed below.

Speaking Guidelines:  

Each proposal will be evaluated in order of arrival and according to availability in the program. Proposals that do not make it to the current program and meet the listed requirements will be considered for future editions.

These presentations must have educational context, based on experience and knowledge acquired throughout his or her professional career. Contents should be relevant to a professional audience. Presentations are non-biased and intention to promote products, services or any commercial intent will not be accepted.

Presentations can be in English or Spanish.

The speakers may not present the same subject proposed for the ArtShowBiz Miami meeting in any event to take place in South Florida (from Palm Beach to Key West) 4 months before and 1 month after ArtShowBiz Miami.

Speakers will receive 2 VIP credentials for him/her plus a guest as a courtesy (with a total value of $ 900), extensive promotion for the presentation, professional information and photo on the website as well as in event guide and promotional campaigns. The speakers will not receive monetary compensation for their performance, or reimbursement for travel and expenses. ArtShowBiz Miami accepts Speakers sponsored by Companies and may include a courtesy mention on the website and in the event program.

ArtShowBiz Miami will provide audiovisual equipment to all speakers, including laptop, projector, screen, microphone, PA system and a technician for on-site assistance. 

ArtShowBiz Miami will have exclusive rights of the presentations at the event, as well as the right to record and edit them for promotion and sale. 

ArtShowBiz Miami reserves the right to modify the program, the location of the speakers in it and eventually their replacement in the case that the above conditions are not fulfilled.

Email your request to Speaker@ArtShowBizMiami.com

mail@ArtShowBizMiami.com | (305) 412-7945 | www.ArtShowBizMiami.com